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Rules & Regulations of Hollingsworth Place

The governing documents of Hollingsworth Place Condominium Association contain provisions that are designed to protect the property values of the individual owners, maintain an esthetic eye appeal, and insure that Hollingsworth Place is a plesant place to live. The board of directors would like to remind residents of their responsibilities in this effort.


Residents (owners and tenants) must park their vehicles in their garages, if they have their vehicles on the premises. They are not allowed to park their vehicles on any portion of the common element area, except temporarily or in emergencies, and then in front of such residents' units. In this event, the parking time for a resident cannot exceed one hour. Guests who are visiting a resident of Hollingsworth Place may park in the designated parking areas of Hollingsworth Place, which are on the pavers in the rear of the buildings and in front of the hosting resident's garage, providing that such parking does not impede the flow of traffic. There are restrictions on guest parking. Guests may not park on the premises of Hollingsworth Place for more than 15 consecutive days or more than 30 total days per year (alternating or switching vehicles does not restart the count of days). No vehicle shall be parked on the grass or any landscaped area for any reason whatsoever. Parking violations will subject the offending unit owner(s) to monetary fines and, beyond that, legal action.


The board of directors has authorized and placed five large, gray garbage cans along the rear fence on the northwest corner of the property. Personal garbage cans should not be left in this area. City sanitation workers are required only to lift plastic bags by the top and place them in the garbage truck. They are, by city policy, not required to lift the garbage cans, invert them, and shake out the loose garbage. In view of this policy, please put garbage in plastic bags and tie the tops of the bags. Doing so will help the sanitation workers abide by city policy and help keep our garbage can area clean and neat. Please do not put empty or nearly empty boxes or other containers in the garbage cans because this wastes valuable space in the cans.

Selling or Leasing a Unit

An owner wishing to sell or lease his unit must in writing notify the board of directors as to the name and address of the intended buyer or tenant. The provisions of this paragraph are rather complex, so owners should rely on the board of directors to guide them through this process of selling or leasing their units.

In the case of a lease, landlords are required to include in the lease document a provision to terminate the lease, if the tenant fails to comply with all association's documents, rules and regulations. The Declaration of Condominium gives the association, acting through the board of directors, the authority to compel the termination of a lease, if the owner does not act.

Upper Unit Flooring Surfaces

As of October 24, 1996, second-floor owners may not replace padded carpeting with a hard flooring surface, unless such owners install an acoustical barrier acceptable to the board of directors. Kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, and grandfathered-in rooms are exempt from this provision.


A resident may have one dog weighing 25 pounds or less or one cat, and other household pets. Animals may not be raised or bred for commercial purposes on the premises. Animals are not allowed out unless accompanied by their owners. The back of the property behind the buildings is designated as a dog walk area. Owners will clean up after their pets.


Residents shall not do or allow anything to be done which will interfere with the the rights of the association or disrupt the quiet enjoyment of other residents, including unreasonable noises, odors, immoral or illegal acts, and other annoyances.

Unit Usage

Condominium units shall be used only as single-family residences. In the case of leased units, only persons named in the lease may live in the subject unit.

Common Element Areas

Residents must obtain written permission from the board of directors to alter any of the common element area. This includes planting of bushes, flowers, etc...